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Food safety and consumers

Maintaining the food quality levels in order to ensure safety and providing satisfaction to every consumer is the aim of every Food Business Operator. Food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI) play an important role in formulating of the controlling procedures. It implements measures in order to eliminate the toxic and the hazardous elements. The result is that every consumer receives an equal level of assurance of food safety. A product’s packaging speaks about the product quality and in this way, it informs consumers about the safety standards. Food manufacturers must apply those techniques that help in controlling of food degradation. Consumer’s confidence is the biggest asset and also for achieving the point for food authorities. Consumers can also contribute by providing scientific techniques to the government. The government needs to implement those standards that come under its cost budget because sometimes, strict standards require more finance.

Food safety standards, however, differ from one food article to another. The aim should be to implement those measures that are necessary for that particular food type. Public health shall be of primary importance. Malpractices like fraud, adulteration and the misleading claims to double cross consumers must be prohibited.

Frequent appointment of Food consultants must take place in order to ensure safety levels. It needs to conduct audits to check whether food industry is complying with the food safety standards or not? The government must thus communicate to both the manufacturers and the consumers to have a common understanding and for minimising the misconceptions.

The food industry can undertake numerous tasks to ensure food safety.

  • It may conduct hazard analysis test in order to identify hazards and finally removing them.
  • It can also establish critical limits for each controlling point, procedures in order to maintain food making actions and to establish verification procedures in order to confirm the corrective steps taken.
  • Employees must go through extensive training since they are also responsible for the right handling of food products.
  • Distributors must ascertain the quality check of food articles.
  • Give proper time to advertising, promotional activities and for marketing business. It is this stage only that attracts customers.

On the part of consumers, the food quality and safety steps are to be performed like washing hands before handling, keeping raw material separate from the processed food, consuming of food article within the prescribed time, analyzing of the food ingredients according to their needs and many others. The food control safety measure is the requirement in order to bridge the gap between safe food and adulterated food. The food industry needs standards that are more flexible and which is also efficient in producing and marketing food and thus ultimately serving the consumers with a protective sheet.

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